Scenes from a Canucks surprise skate: Why Podkolzin feels at home, a sighting of Chiasson and Brady Keeper is ready to go

Like many (all three) of you, we look forward to the return of our Canucks morning skating/practice series scenes once the season begins.

That’s why we were as shocked as you are that we got one for you in August.

Today a group of Canucks players took to the ice at Scotia Barn – AKA 8 Rinks – in Burnaby for a skate led by Ian Clark and Jason Krog.

The players on the ice today were: Thatcher Demko, Collin Delia, Spencer Martin, Arturs Silovs, Kyle Burroughs, Brady Keeper, Vasily Podkolzin, Ilya Mikheyev, Andrey Kuzmenko and a surprise guest.

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Let’s come to what we have seen.

Wait, is that Alex Chiasson?

Seeing Alex Chiasson take to the ice in Canucks gear made me do a double take.

That’s right, Chiasson was on the ice working with his former Canucks teammates today in Burnaby with an ASHL banner hanging proudly watching over them.

Can you imagine reading this string of words two years ago?

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Chiasson, who made the Canucks after attending training camp on a pro tryout contract last season, is still unsigned but hopes for an NHL roster this season.

A report out of Switzerland earlier this offseason suggested Chiasson was preparing to head overseas next season, but his agent quickly refuted the report and reiterated that his client’s main goal was to stay with the Canucks next season. next season.

Could Chiasson, who turns 32 on Oct. 1, prepare to pull a George Costanza and just show up to Canucks training camp?

The full Canucks kit he donned today certainly doesn’t disprove that theory.

Seriously, Chiasson got permission to skate with the Canucks this offseason, and that’s it.

Or was it the Canucks who got permission to skate with Chiasson?

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No sign of Michael DiPietro as Guardians report

Ian Clark was on the ice alongside Thatcher Demko, Spencer Martin, Collin Delia – who sported his all-red pad setup – and Arturs Silovs.

There was no sign of Michael DiPietro, but the reason is unclear. It could be as simple as him not wanting to show up sooner than necessary, especially after an offseason in which his side would have made a trade request.

Various sources have told us not to read too much into this, as most players aren’t expected to show up until the Labor Day long weekend.

What we can tell you – because we got it directly from him – is that Spencer Martin will be removing the chrome mask in the near future.

Absolutely tragic news.

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We’ll have a full account of our conversation with Martin tomorrow.

Speaking of which, let’s get into the part of what was said Scenes from story.

Vasily Podkolzin arrived in Vancouver not too long ago, but this time it was totally different.

“I remember when I came to Vancouver last year, I felt like I didn’t know anybody, I don’t know the guys,” Podkolzin said today when asked about the off-season additions of compatriots Mikheyev and Kuzmenko. “I arrived this year, a few days ago, I want [I’m at] home, you know? I went to my locker and everyone, staff, guys I know, it’s like *hugging motions* ‘How was your summer? How is it going ? It’s awesome, you know?

Like Martin, we will soon have a full account of our conversation with Podkolzin.

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For the first time in a long time, Goalie Brady is in perfect health and can’t wait to get back on the ice and play.

“I missed it,” Keeper said. “I missed the guys, the locker room and being with the guys all year and traveling with them everywhere and doing all that stuff. So, I kind of missed last year, but it’s a brand new year and I’m ready to go…I’m just happy, I guess you could say – ready to go, and just excited.

Keeper broke his leg during training camp last season and has been out all season.

He’s 100% healthy now and added that he doesn’t even think about his leg when he’s on the ice now.

spencer martin took time to reflect on his first year with the Canucks and the relationship he forged with Curtis Sanford, who left the organization to take up an NHL coaching job with the Toronto Maple Leafs during the off-season.

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“He spent the most time with me, so obviously we had a ton of reps together,” Martin said. “He stayed with me when I was a bit depressed – or at least maybe it felt like that. I called him when he got the job in Toronto and we had a great conversation. Just a good year to look back and hopefully keep in touch in the future.

Scenes from a Canucks surprise skate: Why Podkolzin feels at home, a sighting of Chiasson and Brady Keeper is ready to go

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